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We are pleased to inform you that the following funds were distributed to partners in late February
FDPF (Fiji) - $3,000 to employ and train staff in accounts and sustaining branches
FAD (Fiji) - $3000 to pay rental arrears, a brochure and alphabet chart
FSM - $1000 for a 2 day workshop for women and youth with disabilities on CRPD
Palau - $1000 – Media awareness on CRPD and disability awareness in preparation for the upcoming National Disability Awareness Week - 3rd week of April 2014
PSA (Fiji) - $3000 for Rental arrears from 2013, rent for 2014, a 2014 Christmas party for PSA members, a 2014 Christmas party for St Giles patients, celebrations for World Mental Health Day 2014 and10 year anniversary celebrations for PSA
Timor Leste - $2000 for training on UNCRPD for staff
UBP (Fiji)- $3000 for membership drive and visitation
Vanuatu - $3000 for a lap top, projector, camera and computer
Cook Islands - $1000 for subtitling and airing “end the cycle” clips on CI TV


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We are proud to announce that we have a 19th partner - Nuie Tolomaki Auloa Association.

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